23 Dhu 'l Hijja, 1440               25 August, 2019
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New Muslim Project Website
New Muslim Project

Discussion with a number of converts to Islam from around the UK in 1993, led to the realisation that not enough was being done to identify needs and provide support for those interested in and new to Islam. As a result the Islamic Foundation took the lead and formed the New Muslim Project.

Over the years the Project has tried to meet the social and educational needs of New Muslims by providing a wide variety of services. The Project organises several weekly and fortnightly residential Qur’anic Arabic and Islamic Studies courses at various levels which help in improving the reading and comprehension of the Holy Qur’an. Through the newsletter, ‘Meeting Point’, regular contact is maintained. Trips are organised for performing the pilgrimage, both Umrah and Hajj, as well as arranging visits to Muslim countries for their historical and spiritual impact. The New Muslim Project also fulfils a recognised role in advice, support and counselling New Muslims to help them through their early testing times. The latest addition to the Project’s expanding services is its interactive website.

The New Muslim Project has, from the beginning, been concerned that it should reflect the needs of those new to Islam. It established and is supported by an advisory board of converts of various years’ experience, who, together with the Project and, by the Grace of Allah, continue to develop this work.

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