23 Dhu 'l Hijja, 1440               25 August, 2019
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Press Release
Barbaric London Bridge Attack – Desecration of everything Islam Stands For
06 June 2017
We are outraged by the attack on London Bridge on Saturday night. The fact that this should happen when millions of Muslims had just broken their fast and were heading to mosques across UK for their evening prayers is beyond belief. This vile attack on innocent people in Ramadan desecrates everythin...

Let's tap into Islam's heritage...extremism in schools - Dr Abdullah Sahin
01 December 2016
Let’s tap into Islam’s heritage of critical education to defeat extremism in schools - Dr Abdullah Sahin (Lecturer, Markfield Institute of Higher Education)


Islamic Foundation Condemns Brussels Attacks
05 May 2016
We are deeply saddened once again by what took place Yesterday in Brussels. These and horrific attacks have shocked us just days after the atrocities in Istanbul and, as Muslims all around the world continuously emphasise, are against everything that Islam stands for. We send our sincere condolences...

International Women's Day
08 March 2016
The Islamic Foundation Marks International Women’s Day 2016

The Islamic Foundation welcomes International Women’s Day this year by remembering the Islamic values related to the dignity of women. The Qur’an, which Muslims believe to be divinely revealed sacred scripture, came at a time when women ...

Defending the Sanctity of Every Life
03 February 2016
Defending the Sanctity of Every Life

The Islamic Foundation mourns the loss of over 70 souls in Pakistan. A suicide bomber claimed by a splinter group of Pakistan’s Taliban targeted a crowded park in Lahore on Easter Sunday, injuring over 300 besides the massive loss of innocent life. This cowar...

Response to the Tunisia Attacks
07 July 2015
Tunisia Attack – No justification in Islam

The Islamic Foundation strongly condemns the brutal killing of tourists in Sousse, Tunisia, many of whom from were Britain. There can be no justification in Islam for such a heinous crime. These innocent victims were given promise of safety and protectio...

The Islamic Foundation UK Responds to the Paris Atrocities
08 April 2015
The Islamic Foundation UK Responds to the Paris Atrocities:

We are shocked by the violence and loss of life in our neighbouring country, France. We at The Islamic Foundation UK strongly condemn these heinous acts which in no way embody the spirit of Islam. We send our sympathy and sincerest condo...

Response to recent acts of violence
03 March 2015
The Islamic Foundation is saddened by recent acts of violence worldwide.

It is extremely saddening to see the various acts of violence and extremism we have recently witnessed. Whether the victims of these acts have been Muslims, as in the case of Chapel Hill in America, or members of other relig...

The Islamic New Year
09 February 2015
The new Islamic year has started, 1st Muharram, on the anniversary of one of the most significant historical occasions for Muslims, the migration of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) from Makkah to al-Madinah.

The Islamic calendar began in 622 CE when the Prophet Muhammad was 13 years into...

Response to Charlie Hebdo Attack
02 February 2015
Leicestershire based Islamic Foundation responds to the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris

The Islamic Foundation strongly condemns the horrific incident that took place in Paris on Wednesday 7th January which claimed the lives of a number of staff and police officers at the Charlie Hebdo magazine ...

Response to Eric Pickles' Letter (text)
02 February 2015
Rt Hon Eric Pickles and Lord Tariq Ahmad,

Thank you very much for your letter dated 16th January 2015. Indeed, violence in the name of Islam is an affront to the vast majority of our community. There can be only one response: outright and unequivocal condemnation, standing united and resolute o...

Islamic Foundation awarded IDB prize in Islamic Economics
07 July 2011
Press Release

Islamic Foundation, Leicester awarded IDB prize in Islamic Economics

The Islamic Development Bank (IDB), Jeddah has conferred the IDB Prize in Islamic Economics for the year 2011 on the Islamic Foundation, Leicester, UK, awarded in recognition of its distinguished services and co...

Condemnation of the Murder of Vittorio Arrigoni
04 May 2011
Press Statement

It is with deep sadness and shock for us to learn of the brutal kidnapping and savage murder of Vittorio Arrigoni in Gaza today. Vittorio was an internationally recognised human rights activist and a committed pacifist who lived with and stood up for the rights of the ordinary peo...

Comment on 'Choosing Our Friends Wisely' report by Policy Exchange
09 March 2009
Press Statement

With reference to the recent report, Choosing Our Friends Wisely, published by Policy Exchange, we do not recognise the description of our institution. No one from Policy Exchange contacted or visited us, or gave us any opportunity to provide the authors of the report accurate inf...

The Islamic Foundation holds a seminar on Introducing the Prophet of Mercy: Strategies & Methodologies in conjunction with the Global Program for Introducing the Prophet of Mercy
07 May 2008
The Islamic Foundation in conjunction with the Global Progam for Introducing the Prophet of Mercy, part of the Muslim World League, Saudi Arabia today organised a seminar under the theme: “Introducing the Prophet of Mercy: Strategies and Methodologies” at the Markfield Conference Centre, Leicestersh...

Government Minister of Higher Education addresses 6th Graduation Ceremony of Markfield Institute of Higher Education
27 November 2007

Islamic Foundation welcomes The Siddiqui Report on Islam in Higher Education
27 November 2007

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