5 Jumada II, 1439               21 February, 2018
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Between Isolation and Integration: A report on the Muslim Convert Community in Leicester

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This research report is the culmination of years of working with individuals who are interested in or who have converted to Islam and the insights gained through this experience alongside an academic research project that has specifically focused on the issues and challenges presenting to converts in Leicester. Whereas the focus of this report are the experiences of converts to Islam who currently live in Leicester most of the issues that they will face stem from a generic set of challenges commonly faced by converts to Islam from across the whole of the UK, rather coupons than being graphically specific to the part of the country in which they live. This is borne out through academic research and the issues converts most frequently have contacted the NMP about.

The research was conducted by the New Muslim Project at the Islamic Foundation and funded by the Leicester City Council.

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