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The Islamic Foundation holds a seminar on Introducing the Prophet of Mercy: Strategies & Methodologies in conjunction with the Global Program for Introducing the Prophet of Mercy
07 May 2008
The Islamic Foundation in conjunction with the Global Progam for Introducing the Prophet of Mercy, part of the Muslim World League, Saudi Arabia today organised a seminar under the theme: “Introducing the Prophet of Mercy: Strategies and Methodologies” at the Markfield Conference Centre, Leicestershire. The purpose of the seminar was to facilitate the sharing of ideas and methods which might be adopted when introducing the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to the wider community in the UK. Around 70 Imams, scholars, heads and senior representatives of a number organisations and institutions from all around the UK participated in the one day event.

Addressing the audience, Dr Manazir Ahsan, Director General of the Islamic Foundation touched upon some of the major facts in the Prophet (pbuh)’s life and said: “Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) through his character, established a reputation amongst his people for being fair and honest, so much so that even his enemies would come to him to resolve their disputes, this is the sort character that Muslims have to display in the society they live in”. Others speakers in the event included Dr Ahmad Turkistani, Associate Professor Al-Imam Saud University Saudi Arabia and Daud Matthews and Dr Zahid Parvez, General Secretary UKIM. Dr Adel Alshddy, Secretary General of the Global Program for Introducing the Prophet of Mercy, in his concluding remarks said: “that this seminar is a seed that has been planted, it is the Muslim community’s responsibility to take the message forward and act as true ambassadors of Islam in this society”.

The seminar was highly successful and was able to put forward recommendations and practical steps that could help in clarifying and presenting the message of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in order to achieve a better understanding between all communities within the society at large.

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