18 Dhu 'l Qa'dah, 1440               21 July, 2019
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About Us

The Islamic Foundation, established in 1973, is a unique and pioneering institution specialising in the fields of research, education and publication. Since its inception the Islamic Foundation has strived towards building bridges between the Muslim community and the rest of society by creating a better understanding between communities through greater awareness about each other.

This can be seen through its publications, which seek to present Islam with a view to the society we live in, they address the contemporary challenges that are relevant to the Muslims today and try to provide practical guidance on these issues.

The Islamic Foundation also aims to help in the development of the local community by providing training, vocational education and pioneering new courses. It has a positive approach to dialogue between faiths and cultures and has been recognised for its interfaith endeavours.

The cornerstone for both these activities has been the pioneering research the Islamic Foundation has undertaken, from the very beginning, in areas such as Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance, Muslim-Christian Relations, Inter-Faith Dialogue, Islam in Europe and Britain and Policy research.

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