Contributing to a better tomorrow.

Vision, Values & Mission

Our Vision

Contributing to a better tomorrow by seeking excellence in Islamic knowledge and practice.


Our Values

There has been a long, and often rich, history of interaction between the Islamic World and Europe, and the Muslim presence in Spain has been recognized as a major influence on the direction of culture and civilization in the whole of Europe and beyond. Despite important historical events and tensions the relationship between the Islamic World and Europe has continued.

We believe that contrary to the naysayers, today relationships and technology offer us unprecedented opportunities to promote mutual understanding, respect and tolerance. We have the potential to achieve a genuinely plural society which celebrates and welcomes diversity. We believe striving towards such a society is a common calling.

We believe Islam is a divinely revealed ethical and moral approach to life for mankind, guiding it to achieve peace, progress and success.

The Islamic Foundation represents a pioneering initiative, at the academic and educational levels, to enable Muslims, and humanity at large, to discover the true potential of Islam. We aim to support Muslims to become active participants in helping to build a plural, respectful and harmonious world.


Our Mission (Objectives)

The Islamic Foundation is primarily a charity dedicated to research, publications, education, community support and inter-faith dialogue. It aims to:

  • Research and present authentic Islamic knowledge and practice as a way of moderation.
  • Provide educational and training programmes to enhance knowledge, expertise, character and citizenship skills.
  • Develop endowment and support services to strengthen family and community.
  • Participate in inter and intra-faith dialogue to promote understanding and peaceful co-existence.

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