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Endowment (Waqf)

Endowment (Waqf)

Endowment (Waqf)

Supporting educational projects and providing scholarship. Over £2 million of support generated and awarded for the needy students.

Waqf is an amazing Islamic concept to create sustainable institutions for the community. It is also a Sadaqah Jariyah for the donor – a continuous on-going Sadaqah. The Foundation has been building and managing a Waqf(Endowment) fund that is invested to provide regular income.

By the Grace of Allah, trustees have been able to work with experts to achieve an average of 7.5% on our portfolio. As a result, 25% of the current budget of the Foundation is met by our Waqf income.

We appeal for substantial funds which can enable us to expand the Waqf. This could even be Gifts made through wills. We can even structure a shared ownership model hence benefiting both the Foundation and family. This may even help you to reduce your inheritance tax liability.


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