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Working with researchers and scholars in a broad range of areas to develop ideas and provide guidance on issues related to Islam and Muslims in the modern world. Publishing journals, conducting surveys and organising seminars. Muslim World Book Review into 40th year.

The Islamic Foundation has been active in the field of research and academic study since its inception. Working with researchers in a broad range of areas, including traditional Islamic scholars, the Foundation has been dedicated to providing guidance on issues related to Islam and Muslims in the modern world through publishing books and reports, conducting surveys, organizing seminars and conferences.

Journals published by the Islamic Foundation manifest the Muslim contribution to on-going academic debates on Islam and Muslims in today’s pluralistic world.

The department also develops policy advice and offer training packages on British Muslim related issues. It seeks to bring together academic and community expertise to inform and help shape current policy thinking to foster good community relations.


Achievements, Aricles and Publications:

  • Quran, Hadith and Sira

Published a rich list of books on these themes – see Kube Catalogue

  • Muslims in Britain

Classified and analysed materials on Muslims in Britain. Published a number of important occasional papers on identity, integration, cohesion, conversion, Islamophobia and citizenship. Regular seminars are organized to discuss issues pertinent to Islam and Muslims in Britain and Europe in general.

Research and Reports
• Seen and Not Heard: Voices of Young British Muslims
• Muslims in Leicester, UK
• Spirituality. The Search of the Muslim Convert (2015)
• Narratives of Conversion to Islam in Britain. Female Perspectives
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  • Islamic Economics and Finance

As a pioneer in the field, the Foundation has an impressive history of research, publication and educational activities. Produced the bi-annual Review of Islamic Economics. established the largest Islamic Economics library in Europe and taught the subject in many universities. Received an award for the servic to Islamic economics from the Islamic Development Bank in 2013.

  • The Muslim World Book Review

Published quarterly since 1980, critically analyzes the latest publications mainly in English on Islam and the Muslim world. The Review serves as a very useful tool for researchers and lay people alike in keeping abreast of academic research on Islam today. More details.

  • Inter-faith Relations

Contributing to various local, national and international inter-faith bodies. It published the bi-annual journal on inter-cultural perspectives, Encounters. Researching to enhance models for a more pluralistic outlook among Muslims by considering such issues as ‘Christian-Muslim Co-Existence into the New Millennium’, ‘Islam and Religious Pluralism’, ‘The Rights and Obligations of Muslims Living as Minorities in the West’.

  • Muslim Family

Challenges explored with regards to inter-generational changes.

  • Mosques and Islamic Centres

Roles, good practice, standards and the development of Imams

  • Islam in Europe

Collecting and classifying data, studying historical trends and facilitating co-ordination to ascertain best practice and policy.

  • Development of Fiqh

Facilitating research and discussion amongst scholars to develop ideas and solutions, on various new issues facing Muslims, particularly, those living as minorities in the West.

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