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Markfield Maktab - Sunday Islamic School

Markfield Maktab - Sunday Islamic School

Markfield Maktab - Sunday Islamic School

Assalamu Alaikum, 

Dear Parent/Guardian, 

Thank You for considering Markfield Maktab for your child's Islamic education. We are grateful for your support and commitment towards strengthening and promoting this noble cause. Markfield Maktab is a project of The Islamic Foundation.


Maktab Term:
Islamic School term will be 1 year long. Markfield Maktab will follow term days and holidays according to Leicestershire council academic calendar except Easter Holidays. Islamic Calendar holidays will be observed during Eids. Limited lessons will be conducted in Ramazan for selected students and classes. 2 weeks Extensive summer session will be conducted during summer holidays.

Markfield Maktab will operate for 4 hours.
Timing 10: 00 am to 02: 00 pm every Sunday

Subjects and Curriculums:
At Markfield Maktab currently we are teaching 4 Subjects. We have adapted hybrid curriculums to best cater for students' needs.

1- Islamic Studies -   An Nasiha Islamic curriculum. 
This curriculum is minimum reference syllabus  for Islamic Studies. Teachers will prepare their lessons by consulting different resources also. Teacher can introduce notes and additional teaching material for Kids on any topic. This curriculum is divided into 'Eight Levels'' for ages 5-15y. Your child will be accepted in sutable level according to age and initial assessment. 

Students will need to buy An Nasiha course book and workbook for this Subject.

2- Qaida / Quran-  Safar Publications Tajweed Curriculum.
Beginner students will start from Safar Qaidah. After the completion of Qaidah student will start 30th Juz of Quran before starting Quran recitation.

Students will need to buy Safar Tajweed Qaidah and 30th Juz of Quran(optional). Quran e Majeed will be provided to the students from Maktab

3- Arabic Language - Madina Arabic curriculum with English.
Arabic lessons will cover reading, writing, listening and speaking. For Arabic writing, separate workbooks will be recommended. Reading translation of Quran will be the part of Arabic class. Students will need to buy Arabic course book and writing workbook.

4- Memorization - An-Nasiha Sura & Dua
In this class students memorize all the important verbal acts of worship. Starting from Salahs, Sunnah Duas, Sections from Quran, Attributes of Allah, Azan and Iqamah etc. Students will need to buy An-Nasiha Sura and Dua book for this subject.

Other Learning Essentials
Practical Islam : Ablution, Salahs, Azaan, 'Sunnah' Ways of Prophet Muhamad Peace be upon him in our daily routine
Library: Develop the love of books and benefit from huge collection of Unique Islamic and other sciences books at Islamic Foundation Library.

Activities and Sports:
Outdoor : Football, Basket ball and plenty of open space
Other activities will also be arranged occasionally i.e Circles of Faith, Arts and crafts etc.

All teachers at Markfield Maktab are DBS checked and vetted for proficiency to teach. Regular teacher training sessions will also take place to encourage development and a standardised approach. 

Teachers are trained in Health and Safeguarding policies and practices.

Students are grouped in 4 different classes based on age groups and gender.

Al-Aqsa Kids 5 to 7 years kids 
Al-Madinah Girls : 8 to 13 years Girls
Al-Madinah Boys : 8 to 11 years Boys
Makkah Boys : 12 to 15 years Boys

Any child under the age of 8 may be put in a mixed gender class.  

Tution Fees:

1 Child - £40 per month
The fee will be reduced to £20 for the 2nd child and siblings.
2 Children- £60 per month.
3 Children- £80 per month.

Book-Set Cost:  £30-35 (Depending on class)
Books are sourced by Maktab and available to buy for parents at econimical prices.
New applicants are required to submit fees upon admission confirmation. 
All fees are to be paid between 1st and 4th of each month. Islamic Foundation Bank Account details are given below for funds transfer. Standing order is encouraged to be set up to avoid late payment. Please avoid cash payments in dealing with Maktab.

If you are experiencing difficulty in submitting fees or need fee compensation, feel free to talk to us or send email at:

Account Details
Title : The Islamic Foundation
Sort : 20-49-11
Acc : 10515167
REF : MM - your child name

Please send us funds transfer confirmation after fee submission.

Dress Code and Uniform:
Currently a specific uniform is not adapted by Maktab. Students’ appearance and dress code is required to adhere and uphold the Islamic rules and values. Similarly, Girls are advised to wear scarf.

Students Stationary:
Students should bring their own pen/pencils, erasers and exercise book(elder classes). Al-Aqsa class students should also bring colour pencils.  Maktab will source Subjects books on discounted prices for students at the parent’s expense. Kindly contact administration to buy Books from Maktab.

Chocolates, Crisps and coffee vending machines are installed at Maktab. 

Parents Evening:
Markfield Maktab will hold parents evenings every 3 months and an annual meeting. Parents/guardians are encouraged to attend the meetings and student progress report will be shared with them.  

Additionally, any parent who wishes to discuss their child’s progress and well being can arrange to meet the Head Teacher.  

There will be 2 assessments in the academic year. One will take place at half term. The other will take place at the end of the academic year.
Assessments will be a mixture of written, verbal and practical to cover the points of learning.

No verbal or physical abuse will be tolerated from parents or students towards other students or staff. Maktab will uphold a zero-tolerance policy to bullying, harassment and discrimination. Students must show respect to other students, teachers and the learning environment.
Mobile phones or other electrical devices are not allowed in the Maktab during class time.

Student must maintain a good attendance and punctuality record. Parents are required to inform in advance if their child is unable to attend Maktab.
Students must arrive at least 05 minutes before Maktab starts. Students should also be picked up no later than 15 minutes after class. Parents are required to inform earlier about change in the responsible person(s) for picking up child after school.

Complaints, suggestions and Feedbacks:
Parents can forward their complaints, suggestions and feedback directly to The Islamic Foundation at : 


Admissions last date for Session 2023/24

Currently Maktab does not operate dedicated transport. Parents who are experiencing problems with transport are requested to contact administration. We are keen to facilitate students transport in collaboration with parents. 
Complaints, suggestions and Feedback:
Parents can forward their complaints, suggestions and feedback directly to The Islamic Foundation at: 

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