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Education & Courses

The Islamic Foundation is committed to enhancing the knowledge, understanding and practice of Islam as an ethical and moderate (Wasatiyah) approach to human life.

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Endowment (Waqf)

Supporting educational projects and providing scholarship.

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Interfaith Relations

Engaging in dialogue with other cultures and religions to develop better understanding and relations.

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Used by researchers and academics from all over the world. 40,000 plus books and a rich archive of journals.

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Markfield Conference Centre

A unique residential facility used extensively by the community for educational and social activities.

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Markfield Institute of Higher Education

Establishing and supporting Markfield Institute of Higher Education, 700 plus MA’s and 300 plus Chaplaincy Certificates awarded. Trained 10,000 plus public service staff including staff of Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Developing and running short courses for the youth and Imams.

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Markfield Mosque

The prayer hall can accommodate approximately 200 people. Facilities for both men and women.

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New Muslims Project

Pioneered essential education and support services for the New Muslims. Distributing Shahada Packs, publishing Meeting Point and organising Hajj and Umrah.

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Published over 400 titles. Covering Qur’an, Tafsir, Sirah, Islamic Economics, Community and Children‘s books. Managed by Kube Publishing.

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Working with researchers and scholars in a broad range of areas to develop ideas and provide guidance on issues related to Islam and Muslims in the modern world. Publishing journals, conducting surveys and organising seminars. Muslim World Book Review into 40th year.

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The Muslim World Book Review

Published quarterly since 1980, critically analyse the latest publications mainly in English on Islam and the Muslim world. The Review serves as a very useful tool for researchers and lay people alike in keeping abreast of academic research on Islam today.

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