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The Foundation has published hundreds of titles, mostly in English and its publications are internationally acclaimed for their high academic standard, their relevance to modern times and their authenticity. The Qur’an, Hadith and the sirah (the life of the Prophet Muhammad) are central to Islamic faith and some of the important, classical and contemporary, exegetical works have been published by the Foundation.

The Foundation has published several ground-breaking books in areas such as Islamic Economics, of which several have won international awards. There are also publications on the development of European and British Muslim identity, Islamic law and jurisprudence, gender roles and family life in Islam and Christian-Muslim relations.

Over fifty titles alone have been published for children and young people presenting the teachings of Islam, its morals and manners as well as its history. These books are designed to be visually appealing which captures children’s imagination and curiosity on the one hand and increases their knowledge on the other.

The Islamic Foundation’s publishing and distribution is managed by our partner company, Kube Publishing Ltd.

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