Contributing to a better tomorrow.

ilm Fund – We are looking for 2000 visionary partners

ilm Fund – We are looking for 2000 visionary partners

ilm Fund – We are looking for 2000 visionary partners

  • Support young scholars

  • Support research and Islamic studies

  • Support development of new literature.

  • Strong Scholarship means Strong Community

  • Promote better understanding of Islam – both for Muslims and wider society, to foster better relations and to contribute to a better tomorrow.


Established in 1973, the Islamic Foundation has stood out for its contribution to research, Islamic education and publications. Key projects it established and supporting are:

  • Markfield Institute of Higher Education for young scholars and leaders. Combining traditional Islamic sciences with modern higher education

  • Training Chaplains for prisons and hospitals.

  • Publishing over 400 titles, ranging from Qur’anic Tafsirs and Hadith to Islamic economics and children’s books

  • Muslim World Book Review – a unique journal reviewing Islamic literature

  • Islamic Library with over 40,000 books and journals. One of the largest resources on Islam and Muslims in Europe.


We need an annual support of £250K to sustain and develop these precious projects. We are looking for 2000 visionary partners to help the cause of spreading knowledge. Only £10/month. That is 33p a day. 


Alternatively, support the development of Ilm Fund as a Waqf to provide sustainability for our projects.  Waqf is an amazing Islamic concept, a Sadaqah Jariyah (continuous reward) for the donor and a regular income for the good cause of ‘ilm. Endowment (Waqf) Donation

2000 visionary partners for ilm Fund


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