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From its humble beginnings in a one-room office in 1973, The Islamic Foundation has since grown into one of the premier Islamic institutions in Europe. The work of the Foundation has been sustained through three modes of finance:

  • Donations
  • Revenue generating services and products (hiring of venue, fees)
  • Waqf (Endowment)

Donations from individuals including trustees and grants from charitable trusts has been the main source for acquiring the campus and sustaining the work.

Our work is inspired by the Quranic and Prophetic mission of conveying the message, spreading the knowledge, educating the youth and building inter-faith relations.

Any money given is a strategic investment in our Islamic future, one of the most rewarding spending in the way of Allah.

A UK registered charity no. 1160353. Eligible to claim Gift-Aid.

The idea is to achieve the blessings of small but regular contribution for all. Small makes it possible for most people and regular ensures sustainability for the Foundation. You can join this special group of benefactors by setting up a monthly donation of a minimum of £20.

As a Friend you will be walking with us in carrying out the rewarding and much needed work of research, translation of key Islamic literature, publishing, education, providing scholarships to poor students, supporting new Muslims, mosque and library.

Furthermore, you will be eligible 10% discount on all our publications and courses.

And, you will be invited to an annual dinner with special guests.

Waqf is an amazing Islamic concept to create sustainable institutions for the community. It is also a Sadaqah Jariyah for the donor – a continuous on-going Sadaqah. The Foundation has been building and managing a Waqf(Endowment) fund that is invested to provide regular income.

By the Grace of Allah, trustees have been able to work with experts to achieve an average of 7.5% on our portfolio. As a result, 25% of the current budget of the Foundation is met by our Waqf income.

We appeal for substantial funds which can enable us to expand the Waqf. This could even be Gifts made through wills. We can even structure a shared ownership model hence benefiting both the Foundation and family. This may even help you to reduce your inheritance tax liability.

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