23 Dhu 'l Hijja, 1440               25 August, 2019
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Interfaith Relations

THE INTER-FAITH department focuses mostly on the interaction and relationship between Islam and Christianity as well as other faith communities. The department has produced authoritative situation reports about different countries and has been involved in establishing local, national and international inter-faith bodies and has been actively engaged in such forums. It publishes the bi-annual journal on intercultural perspectives, Encounters. The department is currently involved in the development and enhancement of models for a more pluralistic outlook among Muslims.

The department organizes regular conferences and seminars in which such issues as ‘Christian-Muslim Co-Existence into the New Millennium’, ‘Islam and Religious Pluralism’, ‘The Rights and Obligations of Muslims Living as Minorities in the West’ are discussed. The seminars are generally attended by prominent members of the Muslim community and experts on inter-faith issues.

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