18 Dhu 'l Qa'dah, 1440               21 July, 2019
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Islamic Economics Unit
The Islamic Economics Unit was established in 1976 for the promotion and advancement of Islamic economics, finance and banking both academic and the industry. It seeks to do this by conducting research and training by organising international conferences, seminars and workshops. To substantiate its discourse on the virtues of an interest-free economic system, the undertaken the publication of 26 highly accomplished books on various aspects of Islamic banking and finance.
Over the years the Unit has established a specialised library and documentation unit on Islamic economics, banking and finance – perhaps the richest resource centre in Europe in the field. The Unit also provides consultancy on issues pertaining to Islamic economics and finance.
The Unit has a number of collaborative partners including Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI), part of Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah and International Association of Islamic Economics (IAIE).
Review of Islamic Economics: It is a referred journal and is currently published biannually.

The Global Financial Crisis and Islamic Banking
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Jumping Hurdles: Adopting Basel II Standards in Islamic Banks
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