22 Sha 'ban, 1437               30 May, 2016
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Since its first publications in 1973, the Islamic Foundation has established itself as a unique publisher of books on Islam. Acclaimed for their high academic standards, authenticity and accuracy, the Foundation has until now published well over 400 titles on a range of subjects such as the Qur’an, Hadith, Life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Law and Jurisprudence, Christian-Muslim Relations, Women and Family, Islamic Resurgence, Islamic Economics, Islamic Educational Resources in addition to publishing highly innovative books for Children.

To take its publishing activity to the next level both in terms of the number and range of titles published and the improvement in its distribution channels both nationally and internationally, the Islamic Foundation decided to restructure its present operations along commercial lines and from 1 April 2007 Kube Publishing Ltd came into being.

Kube Publishing Ltd is the new publishing house, specialising in Islam. Kube publishing exclusively manages and distributes the Islamic Foundation imprint as well as its own (Kube Publishing) imprint.

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