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Hajj 2020 Announcement

Hajj 2020 Announcement

Hajj 2020 Announcement

No doubt, Muslims across the world would be saddened by the announcement that only a very limited number from inside the Kingdom would be allowed to perform Hajj this year. Considering the amazing growth of Hajj, both the number of pilgrims and the extraordinary expansion of Hajj facilities in recent years, nobody could have imagined that we would ever see such a day.

However, with almost half a million deaths and ever rising number of Coronavirus infections globally, the decision to limit Hajj seems prudent and in line with the objectives of Islam. The epidemic is at its peak and infections increasing in many major Muslim countries including the Middle East as confirmed by the World Health Organization.  Organising an assembly such as Hajj at such a time would be impossible without violating the greatest purpose of Sharia after the preservation of religion – preservation of human life. It is also known that the jurists agree that it is permissible to leave the Hajj at the fear of the road or inability to perform the pilgrimage in reasonable security and safety.    

Hajj coincides with Eid ul Adha and they commemorate the victory of Tawhid – Oneness of God and loyalty to Him alone – through the example of Prophet Ibrahim (AS). We encourage Muslims around the world to use the occasion to draw closer to Allah, renew our pledge to serve Him alone and serve humanity in these challenging times. We pray to Allah swt to forgive us, bestow His Mercy and reward us for our good intentions.  

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