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Islamic Foundation Condemns Brussels Attacks

We are deeply saddened once again by what took place Yesterday in Brussels. These and horrific attacks have shocked us just days after the atrocities in Istanbul and, as Muslims all around the world continuously emphasise, are against everything that Islam stands for. We send our sincere condolences to the families of those affected and we pray that we see an end to violence of this kind, the world over.

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International Women's Day

The Islamic Foundation welcomes International Women’s Day this year by remembering the Islamic values related to the dignity of women. The Qur’an, which Muslims believe to be divinely revealed sacred scripture, came at a time when women suffered from considerably diminished social standing.

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Defending the Sanctity of Every Life

The Islamic Foundation mourns the loss of over 70 souls in Pakistan. A suicide bomber claimed by a splinter group of Pakistan’s Taliban targeted a crowded park in Lahore on Easter Sunday, injuring over 300 besides the massive loss of innocent life. This cowardly act may have been symbolically targeted against Christians, yet the majority of those who died were Muslim.

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Ambassador Moazzem Malik visits the Foundation

British Ambassador to Indonesia, Mr. Moazzem Malik, visited The Foundation on 18th November. He was welcomed by Dr. Manazir Ahsan, Chairman of The Foundation along with Farooq Murad, Director General. After a brief tour he held a roundtable discussion with the trustees and the staff, exploring ideas with regards to fostering better understanding across faiths and communities.

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Tunisia Attack – No justification in Islam

The Islamic Foundation strongly condemns the brutal killing of tourists in Sousse, Tunisia, many of whom from were Britain. There can be no justification in Islam for such a heinous crime. These innocent victims were given promise of safety and protection by the government and Muslims of Tunisia to spend their holiday. Their protection is an Islamic duty.

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