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Ambassador Moazzem Malik visits the Foundation

British Ambassador to Indonesia, Mr. Moazzem Malik, visited The Foundation on 18th November. He was welcomed by Dr. Manazir Ahsan, Chairman of The Foundation along with Farooq Murad, Director General. After a brief tour he held a roundtable discussion with the trustees and the staff, exploring ideas with regards to fostering better understanding across faiths and communities.

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Tunisia Attack – No justification in Islam

The Islamic Foundation strongly condemns the brutal killing of tourists in Sousse, Tunisia, many of whom from were Britain. There can be no justification in Islam for such a heinous crime. These innocent victims were given promise of safety and protection by the government and Muslims of Tunisia to spend their holiday. Their protection is an Islamic duty.

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Response to recent acts of violence

It is extremely saddening to see the various acts of violence and extremism we have recently witnessed. Whether the victims of these acts have been Muslims, as in the case of Chapel Hill in America, or members of other religious or cultural backgrounds, as in the case of the synagogue and free speech event in Copenhagen, we condemn such atrocities wholeheartedly.

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