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Condemnation of the Murder of Vittorio Arrigoni

Condemnation of the Murder of Vittorio Arrigoni

It is with deep sadness and shock for us to learn of the brutal kidnapping and savage murder of Vittorio Arrigoni in Gaza today. Vittorio was an internationally recognised human rights activist and a committed pacifist who lived with and stood up for the rights of the ordinary people of Gaza, and he will be sorely missed as a man of great honesty, moral courage and integrity. He was the author of ‘Gaza Stay Human’ by Kube Publishing.


Haris Ahmad, Kube Publishing’s Managing Director said, “As his publisher, we are very grieved to hear of Vittorio’s despicable murder at the hands of extremists. Our thoughts and condolences are with his family and friends at this time. His was a voice of compassion and a voice for justice and his senseless murder violates all reason and all morality, and is something that all decent people the world over would absolutely condemn.”





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