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Response to Charlie Hebdo Attack

Response to Charlie Hebdo Attack

Leicestershire based Islamic Foundation responds to the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris


The Islamic Foundation strongly condemns the horrific incident that took place in Paris on Wednesday 7th January which claimed the lives of a number of staff and police officers at the Charlie Hebdo magazine offices. We would also like to send our sincere condolences to the grieving families and colleagues of the deceased. Our prayers and thoughts are with them at this difficult time.


As Muslims living in the West, we embrace the fact that we are an integral part of diverse societies built upon values of mutual understanding and freedom of expression. At times this freedom may mean encountering views in contrast or even insulting to that of one’s own dearly held moral or religious beliefs – this can never be justification for a violent response. Freedom to convey ideas remains a cherished value shared amongst all communities. Respect for differing opinions is vital in preserving this important element of the culture of our societies. 


Islam has a rich tradition of tolerance and positive cohesion with people of other faiths and world views. It is this very principle of meaningful dialogue between those of differing backgrounds which we as Muslims are committed to upholding. The Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) life and character teaches us that tolerance, patience and forbearance, even when offended by others, should be an inherent quality of the Muslim. 


We sincerely hope that this event remains an isolated occurrence and does not cause division within our communities. The best way to respond to and challenge such abhorrent views would be for people of all faiths and none to come together and stand united. Here in Leicestershire we feel proud of the attitude of coexistence shown by our diversely populated county. 





Note to Editors:

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