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Tunisia Attack – No justification in Islam

Tunisia Attack – No justification in Islam

The Islamic Foundation strongly condemns the brutal killing of tourists in Sousse, Tunisia, many of whom from were Britain. There can be no justification in Islam for such a heinous crime. These innocent victims were given promise of safety and protection by the government and Muslims of Tunisia to spend their holiday. Their protection is an Islamic duty. 


The Islamic Foundation would like to offer our heartfelt condolences to the loved ones of the innocent British holiday-makers who were victims of the horrific events which took place in Tunisia last Friday. 


Director General, Farooq Murad said “one can only imagine the grief being felt by the families of those we lost that day, we share our sympathy with you. The perpetrators of acts such as this one act on pure misguidance and evil, they display no connection with Muslim ideals and we must be united in our opposition of their ways”.


We continue to pray, during the month of Ramadan specifically, for peace and security for all.


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