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Train the Trainer Leadership & Strategy

Train the Trainer Leadership & Strategy

Train the Trainer Leadership & Strategy

On 25 Jul, 2024
Markfield Conference Centre

Leadership Teaching Skills

Immerse yourself in a dynamic and immersive train-the-trainer program designed to equip leadership trainers and senior leaders with the knowledge, skills, and practical tools to deliver transformative leadership courses from an Islamic perspective. Led by esteemed scholar, Dr Rafik Beekun, this residential program promises four days of intensive learning, skill-building activities, and collaborative exploration.
Who Should Join?

This workshop is tailored for 12 professionals with leadership and management experience who are keen to eager to develop their knowledge, deepen their understanding, and refine their leadership teaching skills. Open-mindedness and a commitment to becoming positive role models and changemakers are prerequisites.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Comprehensive Understanding: Gain a comprehensive understanding of leadership principles and frameworks from an Islamic perspective, rooted in the teachings of the Quran and the life example of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
  2. Effective Training Techniques: Learn proven training methodologies and techniques tailored specifically for delivering leadership courses, with a focus on participant engagement, experiential learning, and skill acquisition.
  3. Integration of Islamic Values: Explore strategies for effectively integrating Islamic values and ethics into leadership training programs, fostering a holistic approach to leadership development.
  4. Facilitation Skills: Enhance facilitation skills essential for leading group discussions, conducting interactive exercises, and managing diverse participant dynamics within training sessions.
  5. Practical Application: Engage in hands-on, skill-based activities designed to simulate real-world leadership scenarios, providing participants with practical tools and strategies that can be immediately applied in their training sessions.
  6. Feedback and Reflection: Receive constructive feedback and guidance from peers and facilitators, fostering continuous improvement and reflective practice in delivering leadership training.

Why Attend:

  • Specialized Expertise: Benefit from Professor Beekun's specialized expertise in Islamic leadership studies, gaining insights and perspectives not readily available in mainstream leadership training programs.
  • Tailored for Trainers: Designed specifically for leadership trainers and senior leaders with experience, this program offers advanced training techniques and methodologies tailored to the unique needs of trainers.
  • Practical Skill Development: Engage in a variety of practical, skill-based activities aimed at honing your training abilities and enhancing your effectiveness as a leadership facilitator.
  • Networking and Collaboration: Connect with a select group of experienced leadership trainers and senior leaders, fostering meaningful networking opportunities and potential collaborations in the field of leadership development.
  • Credential Enhancement: Enhance your credentials as a leadership trainer by acquiring specialized knowledge and skills in delivering courses from an Islamic perspective, catering to an increasingly diverse and globalized audience.

Markfield Conference Centre
Markfield, Leicester
LE67 9SY

£150 [Room, Resource Pack, Meals]

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