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Arabic Course Level 1 - Beginners

Arabic Course Level 1 - Beginners

Arabic Course Level 1 - Beginners

Level 1 - Beginners
The ability to read basic arabic script is required for the beginners course.

Starting 15th January 2020
Every Wed 10am - 12pm
Duration 10 weeks
Fee £89 per level
Age 16+


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Student Testimonial – Abdulsamad Zafar


Four Level Arabic Language Programme - Course Summary


Arabic ( العَرَبِية al-Arabiyyah) is one of the most widely spoken languages in the World. Its most known usage stretches across the entire Middle East and North Africa. Known for its beauty and rich literary history, Arabic remains one of the most challenging languages to accomplish. It is a well-established fact however, that those who apply themselves with vigour to this task, have been very successful.

This course, comprising 4 levels, aims to take students from the basic introductory stages of vocabulary and simple sentence structure to the advanced stages of the practical knowledge of common grammatical usage, extensive vocabulary, fluency in conversation as well as elementary experience in translating verses from the Qur’an and classical texts. It is designed for ease of learning with simple, structured steps while placing equal emphasis on reading, writing, speaking and comprehension, as a means towards providing an overall balanced knowledge of the language.


Teaching Methods and Resources

The course consists of 4 levels, each covering 10 lessons, to ensure gradual yet structured progress. Each lesson will cover a new topic in a simplified and practical manner. Lessons are 2 to 2.5 hours per session.

There are individual and clear lesson plans for each lesson. However the course overall is based on the famous textbook series Arabic Course 1, 2 & 3: Durus al-Lughat al-Arabiyyah by Dr V. Abdur Rahim, as taught at the prestigious Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia, Qasas al-Nabiyyin by Al-Sheikh Abul Hasan Ali al-Nadwi, and Arbauna Hadithan by Dr. V. Abdur Rahim. Classes will involve reading selected texts from these books.

The mode of instruction includes:

  • Learning from hand-outs that can be taken home as class notes
  • Powerpoint and whiteboard presentation
  • Learning from the Madinah text books
  • Learning from Qasas al-Nabiyyin and Arbauna Hadithan
  • Interactive activities

Our course instructors have studied Arabic in the UK and abroad, both through the traditional and modern methods of learning. They are experienced in teaching the language to students of varying abilities and academic backgrounds.


Students will be required to spend approximately 2 hours revising and doing homework per week.


Entry Requirements

Entry level students are required to know the Arabic letters and be able to read basic Arabic script, even if slowly. No prior knowledge of Arabic as a language is required. The course is open to people of all backgrounds and faiths. The course is open to all academic and ability levels. The course is open to both male and female students (separate seating will be available). 

Students who have prior knowledge of Arabic and feel they can start at Level 2 are most welcome (there may be an informal assessment for this).

Course Outline

Level 1

The first stage of 10 weeks covers beginner’s level areas of grammar which are required

for forming and understanding basic sentences.

Subjects include:
- Importance of Arabic Language
- Introduction to the Arabic letters and grammatical symbols
- The ‘types’ of words and their genders
- Forming full sentences
- Forming phrases
- The ‘states’ of words
- Daily vocabulary

Next class for Level 1 from 15th Jan 2020

Level 2

The second stage of 10 weeks advances in terms of both grammar and vocabulary.

Subjects include:
- Intermediate grammar rules
- Role-play conversations
- Answering questions in spoken and written form
- Advanced vocabulary
- Examples from the Qur’an

Next class for Level 2 TBC - Enquire

Level 3

The third stage, also comprised of 10 weekly lessons, advances students to put into practice all they have learnt previously and further their knowledge and usage of the language.

Subjects include:
- Advanced grammar rules
- Story writing
- Oral presentations
- Advanced vocabulary
- Guided reading of classical and modern texts
- Examples from the Qur’an

Next class for Level 3 TBC - Enquire

Level 4

The fourth stage is expected to be the culmination of the all three stages with an advanced vocabulary, usage, and sentence structures. In order to fulfil this purpose, the popular text book Qisas al-Nabiyyīn by late Al-Sheikh Abu al-Hasan al-Nadwi and the Arbauna Hadithan compiled by Dr. V. Abdur Rahim with the purpose of teaching Arabic language through the Hadith literature have been selected.

The learning of the texts includes:
- Sentence by sentence comprehension of the text and its translation
- Comprehensive understanding of verbs, nouns, and particles
- Grammatical analysis of the text
- Conversational practice based on the topic of the lesson including question and answer session. The students are expected to be able to express themselves through asking and answering questions in Arabic

Next class for Level 4 TBC - Enquire


£89 Per level (less than £4.00 per hour of teaching time) – Payable in advance when beginning any level. Those wishing to pay by instalments may contact us and request an agreement.

Course notes, exams and certificates are free.

Books required (6 books) - £36 for the full Arabic Course set (heavily discounted price for students only, purchasable from the Foundation at the beginning of the course).

Students will receive a general certificate from the Islamic Foundation for passing each level. Tutors may act as a reference or help with ‘tazkiyyah’ for those wishing to study further and require this for acceptance.

Other Notes
• There is no obligation to complete all levels, students may pay for and attend levels individually.
• Students wishing to join at Level 2, 3, or 4 may have to take an informal assessment with a tutor prior to being accepted.
• Students will be expected to do around 2 hours homework per week.
• Students are required to bring basic stationary.
• Children must be accompanied by their parent or guardian.

For more information or to register please contact: office on 01530 244944 [ext. 211]

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