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Evolve: Weekend Retreat for Girls and Boys

Evolve: Weekend Retreat for Girls and Boys

Evolve: Weekend Retreat for Girls and Boys

When: 17-19 April 2020
Attendees: Girls and Boys age 12-16 years
Evolve Leaders: Sh. Idris Alli & Ustadha Rumaysa
Skill building: Br. Ayad Al Rawi, Br. Abdullah Benjamin
Where: Markfield Conference Centre, Ratby Lane, Markfield, Leicestershire, LE67 9SY, UK
How much: £60 including Accommodation and Meal.
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Limited Space.

Activities: Archery, Wall Climbing...


Young people develop fastest when they ‘learn by doing’; when they are given responsibility, work in teams, take acceptable risks, and think for themselves. All of these things can be achieved during the Evolve weekend.

We aim to deliver a structured and balanced programme, designing a bespoke experience, enriching your Islamic knowledge, role playing scenarios, working together on a design project and having fun.

As Muslims we have many challenges, let’s look into some of the challenges and explore some of the ways we can overcome these challenges.  At the Evolve retreat you can socialise with friends in a safe environment, reflect on why being Muslim is great.

We try to bring out the best in youngsters irrespective of their backgrounds. We teach them that they can achieve, how they can shape their identity and teach some basic skills like problem solving, design and team work.

Our teaching is based around practical scenarios and solutions are arrived at collectively, providing meaningful and long-lasting impacts. With Evolve leaders representing different professional fields you will get some great insights into fascinating careers. Our Evolve leaders range from engineers to bio-chemistry graduates and secondary school teachers.

With activities including wall climbing and archery for the outdoor and short cupcake cooking sessions there is something for everyone.

Book Online Now, Limited Space.

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