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Islamic Foundation Fundraising Dinner 2012

Islamic Foundation Fundraising Dinner 2012

Islamic Foundation Fundraising Dinner 2012

The Islamic foundation organised a fundraising dinner at the waterlily Banqueting hall in london on the evening of 24 february 2012. the event was attended by a large number of guests from all across london, who had the opportunity to find out more about the activities of the foundation and its different departments.

The evening started with dr manazir ahsan, director General, welcoming the guests and thanking them for showing their support to the foundation by attending the event. he then went on to present a brief introduction and history of the foundation, by sharing some key contributions the foundation has made over the years, which have had a positive impact within the muslim community. the programme also included brief speeches by a number of prominent speakers: dr m abdul Bari, former secretary General of mcB and trustee of the east london mosque spoke about his personal experiences with the foundation and how he had benefitted from the people and resources at the foundation over the years; farooq murad, secretary General of mcB spoke about his work with the foundation and the part it has played in developing muslim youth; and finally, sir iqbal sacranie spoke passionately about the foundation’s role in intellectually challenging issues faced by the muslim community and recounted his personal involvement with the foundation, which started with the issue of the ‘satanic Verses’ in the 1980’s. the evening concluded with the fundraising session conducted by ajmal masroor with active participation from the guests. entertainment for the evening was provided by shaam, which the audience thoroughly enjoyed.

A number of presentations were made on behalf of the different departments of the foundation and stalls were set up to showcase the products and services of these departments. the event was a success as it fulfilled the dual objective of raising awareness about the activities as well as raising funds to support the work of the foundation.

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