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Muslim Women in Today's Society

Muslim Women in Today's Society

Muslim Women in Today's Society

On Friday 9th April, 2015, Kube Publishing in partnership with MIHE, the Islamic Foundation and Muslim Counsellor and Psychotherapist Network organised a one day conference aimed at addressing some of the real issues faced by Muslim women in today’s society.

This ground-breaking event set out to provide a platform from which Muslim women could themselves debate problems and seek solutions through narrative ownership that would reflect the concerns and aspirations of Muslim women more fairly and accurately. As a result, the aims of the conference were to firstly create an arena of engagement in which Muslim women could come together to discuss their problems and offer practical solutions that would move the debates forward by affecting positive change. Secondly, the conference would provide an opportunity whereby papers presented could be selected for publication that captures the pertinent themes of the conference project.

The conference encouraged submissions by Muslim women and others, who work within the realms of counselling, psychology, mental health, social work and youth services. Some of the key themes covered by the conference speakers included abuse, anxiety, depression, domestic violence, relationship issues, forced marriage, careers and education, identity, self-help and personal development.

Conference sessions were grouped into themed presentations and practical workshops based on ‘Challenges’, ‘Identity’ and ‘Transformation and Change’. Dr. Shuruq Naguib, Lecturer in Islamic Studies, Lancaster University and Co-Chair of The British Association of Islamic Studies (BRAIS), was the keynote speaker. Other participants and attendees came from across the UK, Europe and the US.

The conference was well received and attended, producing a number of extremely important and interesting debates.

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